Buy Gold for WoW Classic – An Update

The purchase of game currency (in this case, World of Warcraft Gold) with real money has several moral and ethical dilemmas.

Private is the most apparent one. If your character is suddenly really wealthy, would your enjoyment of the game be increased or reduced?Link here Buy Gold for WoW Classic.

Everybody is different now. Personally, I like to level up and receive bonuses for my efforts including equipment, experience, skill upgrades, etc. That’s almost the only reason I’m playing the game. To be able to return with a 60-something Mage to Deadmines and lay waste at a place that used to cause me so much trouble, knowing that my investment in time is what made this possible. If I were able to buy the same character for real dollars with all sorts of nice stuff, the excitement and fun of doing that might last 5mn. Perhaps.

I know some people get to 70, they don’t like grinding, so they buy WoW Gold to be able to afford nice gear. I know, but I don’t agree. Start a new character, make new quests, or go out and throw the skin around the ol’ pig.

For me personally, my World of Warcraft experience is about leveling and discovering new skills, new spells, new quests, new areas, new ways to do things. I will probably cancel my account once I level one toon of each class and race to 70 because there will be nothing new to do. If, of course, another expansion comes out of Blizzard. Oh wait, are they?

Buying WoW gold at a game play rate has the same appeal for me as buying air to breathe. It’s all around me, all I need to do is breathe, why should I pay for it to someone?

But with the purchase of WoW Gold, there is a serious ethical dilemma. For example, the price of 1,000 WoW Gold on my server and one Gold Vendor is $46.59 US dollars, or $0.047 per Gold. For larger purchases, the price goes down to $0.040 per Gold. Does a lousy 5 cents per WoW Gold seem cheap enough? That’s the things.

You see, vendors of gold are not going to Blizzard and buying bulk gold. I hope they don’t, instead. Rather, by cultivating, selling, and auctioning products, they have to earn it, in-game. Just as you are.